Supporting families

When families experience difficulties, we work closely with children, their parents, relatives or other carers and other organisation to find the best solution. Our aim is to keep families together whenever possible.

If you feel that your family needs help or support, you can ask for the service directly. Other agencies can refer families to us too.

When there are serious concerns for a child, we will provide an immediate response. In other cases, we will respond as soon as possible.

If you think you need help, contact us. We will tell you if you are eligible for services and assistance.


Contact us


Referring a Family

You need to complete a referral form and send it to This form will be used for statutory and Families first referrals.

Referral Form

Eligible referrals will be passed to the Team around the Family co-ordinator.


Around the Family Team

There are three teams that offer support to families in Gwynedd.

  • Arfon Team
  • Dwyfor Team
  • Meirionnydd Team

The team co-ordinators are available to support families. The co-ordinator will construct a team to support the family and refer the family to other services. They will create a plan with the family and other members of the Around the Family Team.

These will also include family support workers that will be able to give practical day to day help.
Barnados will be providing this service in Meirionnydd.

There is a Youth Worker available to work with young adults aged 11-15.

There are other services available to families:

  • Counselling and other therapeutic services and programmes for young people (mild to moderate needs - Y Bont)
  • Family Group conferencing and mediation (Y Bont)
  • Support for improving young people’s speech, language and communication (if it isn't funded through BCUHB)
  • A preventative worker within the Youth Justice Team to support children and young adults in danger of offending.