Sports for life

The Sport for Life Team is responsible for trying to increase the physical activity participation levels of Primary and Secondary School pupils in Gwynedd. Children who participate regularly in sports enjoy benefits which include:

  • Reducing body fat
  • Strengthening bones
  • Improving coordination, balance and flexibility
  • Improving stamina and concentration
  • Fighting depression and anxietyIt’s crucial to start young as an energetic child is more likely to become an active adult.

There are a number of sports which encourage children to be part of a team, which gives children strong feeling of belonging. This also challenges them to work as a group, and encourages them to think about others.


In Primary Schools, Active Young People Officers encourage children to participate through schemes such as Dragon Sports, Multi skills and Keep Going. They also organise a significant number of competitions, including orienteering, cross-country, indoor athletics, netball and cricket.


The 5x60 scheme is run in secondary schools. The scheme offers children numerous extra-curricular activities. Last year over 40 different activities were on offer. The team also arranges various competitions which give children who are not in the School’s first team an opportunity to participate.

Training and Volunteering

The team works closely with Governing Body Officers from a number of sports, working in partnership to offer training courses and competitions. An important part of the team’s work is to offer continuous professional development for volunteers / trainers and older pupils from secondary schools, thereby raising the standard of the sessions provided in our schools.


The Team is responsible for the Young Sports Ambassadors scheme. This scheme gives children an opportunity to lead or assist with sessions, opportunities to arrange sessions, attend and assist with major events that the Team participate in, such as Slateman, Eisteddfodau, Cross-country, the Commonwealth Baton Relay, and to assist the Team to promote physical activities within their schools.

The applications are now open to be a Young Sports Ambassador, the form can be seen here:

Application Form

For further information about the work of the Sport for Life Team, you can contact the Team by e-mailing