Active Mothers

‘Byw’n Iach’ (Healthy Living) Gwynedd is working with Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board midwifery and health visitor teams to offer a comprehensive package of helpful activities and advice to mothers throughout their pregnancies.

The activities will be held at specific leisure centres and led by qualified pre / post natal fitness instructors. The MamauActif classes are suitable for mothers during and after pregnancy. The pre-natal classes are aimed at mothers who wish to remain active during pregnancy. The post-natal classes are suitable for mothers who wish to be active after giving birth (Babies up to a year old are welcome).

The professional team will be available to:

  • provide activity classes for women during and after pregnancy
  • provide information on the advantages of remaining active to both the mother and baby 
  • provide advice on healthy eating and maintaining a safe weight

Advantages of remaining active during pregnancy

  • Leisure activities such as swimming or a brisk walk as well as strengthening and toning exercises are safe and beneficial
  • The purpose of leisure activities is to remain fit rather than to attain a peak fitness level
  • Unless you have been doing regular exercise, you should start with a maximum of 15 minutes continuous exercise three times a week, gradually increasing to 30-minute daily sessions.
  • If you exercised regularly before pregnancy you should be able to continue without any harmful effects.

More information on the NHS website

MamauActif Classes

Our group sessions will enable you to exercise while having fun and meeting other mothers at the same time. The instructor will be at hand to lead you through a programme of activities which are suitable for pregnant women or women who have recently given birth. Why not join in now?

If your baby has already arrived, why not bring him/her to the class in their carrier? There will be time allocated during the class for you to spend time with your baby. (Your baby is welcome until his or her first birthday).

MamauActif Classes is an excellent way of improving strength, muscle tone and posture to prepare you for giving birth. We will use a variety of equipment – fit balls, hand weights, therabands and much more. The style of the classes will vary, from aerobics to circuit sessions and legs, bumps and tums!

The classes may be held in the fitness room, the studio or in the hall, depending on the centre.

The circuit sessions include 8 - 10 exercises for a specific period of time before moving on to the next one. Once you have completed all the exercises, the circuit is repeated. This will give you sufficient time to rest between the exercises.

Parent and Baby Sessions

Each Leisure Centre in Gwynedd has an additional programme of activities which are suitable for parents and toddlers. They include baby swimming lessons, pre-school classes, and the more formal swimming lessons. Other activities include soft play equipment and bouncy castles, where you can have fun bonding with your young child, while enjoying the company of other parents at the same time.  

The classes are available at Plas Silyn Leisure Centre, Penygroes and Penllyn Leisure Centre, Y Bala.

Further information on what sessions are available can be found here.

All Gwynedd’s Leisure Centres and Libraries participate in the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme.