Someone to speak on my behalf

An advocate is someone who supports you to communicate your needs, helps to explore options and gets things done for you.

What does an advocate do?

  • makes sure you are heard and answered to
  • empowers you
  • promotes positive images
  • works to make things happen and change
  • supports you to make choices and to take more control
  • works for equal rights and inclusion.


What an advocate doesn’t do

  • give advice
  • take control away from you
  • act as referee in arguments or disputes
  • take on the role of a social worker
  • make up for gaps in services that should be provided.


How do I get an advocate?

Contact one of the independent advocacy providers below:

Mental Health Advocacy Scheme (Bangor)

Provides an independent advocacy service for people with Mental Health difficulties in Gwynedd and Anglesey, by providing information, representation or support.

North Wales Advice and Advocacy Association - NWAAA

Promotes and provides advice and advocacy for people facing disadvantage through disability, illness, age or social exclusion, who live, in north Wales in particular. 
They also offer specific support to people who receive, or are eager to receive Direct Payments.


Tros Gynnal North Wales Advocacy Services

This service provides eligible children and young people with advocacy support. The service aims to ensure that all young people have the opportunity to be heard and have their views, wishes and feelings considered by others when they are making a decision that has an impact on them. Experienced advocates will support young people to participate fully in decision making and empower them to make choices.