How do I get help?

The Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) 2014 Act states that everyone can access information, advice and assistance regardless of their circumstances.

Contact us

If you believe that you or someone you care for needs assistance to improve your wellbeing or if you have any needs or impairment which creates problems with daily life you should contact us. We will then assess your needs.

A member of staff will talk with you, your family and carers about your needs in order to find out what's important to you. The assessment will show if you are eligible to receive support and what kind of help you need. Sometimes we will need to ask other professional workers what they think you need, but we will not do this without your permission.


How long will I have to wait for an assessment?

In a case of extreme urgency, emergency or serious risk of harm, we will aim to commence the assessment within 24 hours. If you are eligible, we will arrange for the services begin at once.

Otherwise we will contact you to arrange the time of the assessment.