Home Care Project

Our aim is to make sure that adults who need some extra care and support in their own homes get the help they need to live the best life possible in their community.


Every individual is different, and we aim to support and help people with those things that are most important to them as an individual. To do this staff must:

  • get the opportunity to get to know and understand the people that they care for
  • have permission to do the right thing 
  • ask for support from other places when it is needed.

As part of the new plan, we will ensure that: 

  • Care is arranged on a local level. Only one or two providers will work per local patch. The Council’s internal service will work in some of these patches, with an independent provider in others.
  • The quality of care and staff conditions will be more consistent across the county. It will be easier to arrange care and recruit staff, and this will be arranged locally in each working patch.
  • The service individuals receive today will of course continue, and they will receive home care for as long as they need the support.

 This video explains more about the new home care model: 


Many areas of the county are suffering from a shortage of care. We’re also aware that the traditional service tends to be focused on completing very specific tasks within a given time slot. These tasks include helping people to get out of bed, to wash, get dressed and serving meals. There isn’t much room to do other things that would really make a difference to someone’s quality of life.   

Care providers tend to be scattered around the county, working in many different localities, and several home care workers from different companies can often be seen on the same street!