Getting out and about

Many travel options and services are available for those who have trouble getting around.

Travel passes and permits

Find out more about the range of different travel passes and permits that are available to help you get out and about:

  • Travel passes - apply for a bus pass to travel on local buses and trains
  • Blue badge scheme - a national parking scheme for disabled people who travel either as drivers or passengers. The aim is to help disabled people to park near to where they are going.
  • National Railcards (external link) - apply for a Senior Railcard or a Disabled Persons Railcard for savings on rail fares.


Community transport

Community transport offers a service for people who find it difficult to use public transport due to a disability or mobility issue. You could get help to go to town for your weekly shop or to go to the doctor's.

  • Barbara Bus Gwynedd:  a service solely for those who cannot transfer from chair to vehicle.
    Phone: 07484 223 696
  • Cymrod:  transport support for disabled, older and vulnerable people in the Dwyfor area.
    Phone: 01758 614311
  • O Ddrws i Ddrws:  a service for older or disabled people who are unable to reach public transport.
    Phone: 01758 721777
  • The Red Cross Transport and Escort Service:  available to anyone who finds it difficult to travel.
    Phone: 01248 351103  
  • CIL De Gwynedd: a service for those who find it difficult to use public transport - help to go to hospital, visit the doctor or dentist or to go shopping.
    Phone: 01766 514249

Helpful information about local bus and train services and timetables can be found in the Parking, roads and travel section