Voluntary and temporary work with Gwynedd Council

Audio clip: voluntary and temporary work

Gwynedd Council is looking for people available to work (as volunteers or temporary paid staff) to help maintain essential service for vulnerable people.

If you are able to help, please e-mail / call us on: 


Mantell Gwynedd's Volunteering Bank

There are plenty of local and community groups that are searching for people to volunteer their help in food shopping for essential items on behalf of those who cannot leave their homes. 

If you want to help people in your community, register with

Mantell Gwynedd's Volunteering Bank


Your village's Buddy Scheme

Have you thought about joining or establishing a Buddy Scheme in your village?

Gwynedd Council and Mantell Gwynedd have worked together to develop a Guide for Community Groups who have / want to establish to support vulnerable residents.

For more information please contact Galw Gwynedd on 01766 771000. 


Thank you  

Gwynedd Council would like to thank all the partners, residents and businesses who have come together to support the most vulnerable residents of our communities.