Looking after myself



The uncertainty and concerns felt at this time will affect many of us in different ways, creating stress and having a negative impact on mental and physical health.

Here you will find various resources and advice that can help you during this time.


If you live in Gwynedd and need this information in another format or language please contact: cydraddoldeb@gwynedd.llyw.cymru 

Worried about going out again? 
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National guidelines

Public Health Wales is responsible for publishing and updating the latest official Coronavirus (Covid-19) information. Follow their advice to look after yourself and your families.
Public Health Wales 


The Welsh Government has guidance, advice and information on the crisis. More information.

Local Health Service

The Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board website offers advice, services and information.

More information.

Keeping fit

It's really important to get plenty of exercise and keep active during this time.

Here are some exercises you could use at home.

We will work to provide more videos like this specifically for older people. 

Mental health

It is important to consider the effect this crisis will have on mental health. 

The information booklet ‘Looking after myself’ offers ideas on different ways to look after your health and wellbeing. 

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) have published a ‘Mental Health and Self-Isolation’ sheet which notes some things which may help you to stay mentally healthy.  

Many people find that their well-being is greatly benefitted by taking part in the arts in some way – by writing music, creating artwork etc. Our ‘The Arts and the Five Ways to Well-being’ poster gives you simple ideas of how to benefit from creativity during this time  

Protection from scams


Unfortunately, we know that some people are using the virus in many ways to deceive organisations and members of public. It is important that you delete any e-mails or text messages that you don’t recognise about the virus, and that you do not share your personal or financial details with anyone you do not know well.

In order to protect yourself from fraud:

  • Try to ask those close to you for help with your shopping if possible (family, friends, neighbours). If you must ask someone you do not know well, ask for as much information as possible (who they are, where they live, their vehicle registration number, etc.)
  • Where possible, try to shop online or order and pay directly with a local shop, so that the goods only need to be delivered to you.
  • Do not give your pension books or bank details to anyone you haven’t known a long time.
  • Do not allow anyone to enter your house if you do not know them unless you have arranged an appointment beforehand. Remember to ensure that no one who enters your house is ill in any way. 

Wash your hands of Coronavirus scams


In these difficult times Cruse Bereavement Care is available to offer support, information and advice to children, young people and bereaved adults. Help is available by phone or email during the emergency period

Phone- 01492 536577

E-mail- northwales@cruse.org.uk

More information by cruse.org.uk

Domestic violence

Domestic abuse can affect people of all shapes and sizes. Such abuse can be physical, emotional or sexual.

Although the majority of victims are women, it can also affect men, children and young people living in abusive homes.

If you are suffering, help is available: