Breaking Covid-19 rules / Improvement notices

We are working with Gwynedd businesses to ensure they keep up to date with regulations to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. If you are concerned about a business in Gwynedd that does not follow the Covid-19 regulations, please let us know:

Report a concern: Compliance with Covid-19 


We also seek to prevent any scams or fraud involving Covid-19.  Please report any concerns to the Trading Standards team: 

Report a concern: Trading Standards


Improvement Notices and Closure Notices

If reasonable measures to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirus aren't taken on premises or in rhe workplace local authority enforcement officers are now able to issue a “premises improvement notice”. 

This requires the person responsible for the premises to take specified measures, and if those measures are not taken an officer may issue a “premises closure notice” requiring the premises to close. Where necessary, an officer may also issue a premises closure notice without having previously issued a premises improvement notice. So if people don’t comply premises can be closed down.

The table below includes details of improvement and closure notices which the Council has served:


Premises Name


Type of Notice

Copy of Notice