What happens to food waste?

This video shows your food waste's journey and what happens to it after it leaves your home.


All of Gwynedd's food waste goes to the GwyriAD anaerobic digestion plant in Clynnog Fawr. 

GwyriAD - which is operated by Biogen on behalf of the Council - is a specialist centre which converts food waste into electrical energy for the National Grid and fertilizer for agricultural land. 

Anaerobic digestion is a biological process that happens naturally when bacteria break down organic material in a closed oxygen free environment. The process produces methane-rich biogas. The methane is captured and used as fuel to generate renewable electricity and heat.

The site produces 3,500 megawatt hours per year of renewable electricity for the National Grid. Enough to power a village like Penygroes (about 700 houses). 

Bio-fertilizer is the only waste that is produced during the process. This liquid is high in nutrients an can be used as a fertilizer on crops. The liquid is kept in storage tanks on site and used as fertilizer on local farmland.

The site reduces the need to dispose of food waste in landfill sites and helps Gwynedd Council meet its recycling targets, avoiding substantial fines for failing to meet those targets.