National Assembly for Wales Elections

5 May 2016 Election


Results on BBC website 

The electoral system

The National Assembly for Wales has 60 elected members.

Each voter in elections to the National Assembly for Wales has two votes, used in a voting system known as the Additional Member System. The system is a form of proportional representation.

The first vote is used to elect a constituency Assembly Member on the basis of the traditional 'first past the post' electoral system, similar to a UK Parliamentary election. The National Assembly constituencies are coterminous with UK Parliamentary constituencies and this results in the election of 40 constituency Assembly members. 

The second vote is used to elect regional Assembly Members - four Assembly Members are elected from each of the five electoral regions across Wales. These regions are North Wales, Mid and West Wales, South Wales West, South Wales Central, and South Wales East. 

Using their second vote, electors vote for an independent candidate or a political party in a 'closed list' system. In relation to political parties, ballot papers show the list of named candidates nominated by each political party and successfully elected candidates are drawn in order from the top of the relevant party list. This results in the election of 20 regional Assembly Members.

Elections - 5 May 2011

The election results for Wales are available on the BBC website.

Referendum - 3 March 2011

A Referendum on the law-making powers of the National Assembly for Wales was held on 3 March 2011.