Language Promotion Plan

Standard 145 of the Welsh Language Standards, as imposed on Gwynedd Council in accordance with Section 44 of the Welsh Language Measure (Wales) 2011 sets a requirement on the Council to produce a 5-year strategy that will show how we intend to promote and facilitate the use of the Welsh language in the county.

Language Promotion Plan 2018-2023

The Council is in the process of preparing its second Welsh language strategy under the requirements of the Language Standards, and will be holding a public consultation period between 3 April and 14 May 2023.

You can see the draft strategy here, and fill the questionnaire below.

 Language Strategy Draft 2023 -2033

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Paper copies will be available in Siop Gwynedd and Gwynedd Libraries, or you can contact us by email on


An initial analysis of the 2021 Census data relating to Welsh speakers in Gwynedd can be seen here

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