Language Strategy

The main aim of the Gwynedd Language Strategy is to deliver on the ambitious target of "Ensuring a 5% increase in the percentage of the population that can speak Welsh in Gwynedd by 2021".

The Strategy was launched in 2014, based on the data of the 2011 Census, and on initial discussions with key partners, services and community representatives.

As the target of the Strategy takes us up to 2021, the decision was made to extend the operational period of the current strategy to 2018.  This will be an opportunity to ensure that the next Language Strategy that is written is compatible with the Well-being Plan for Gwynedd.  It will also be an opportunity to ensure that the priorities and the strategic direction set out in both documents in relation to the Welsh language, reflect and strengthen each other.

The work outlined in the Strategy, therefore, will continue for another year, and  focus on six areas that include the family; children and young people; communities and the infrastructure that ensures that the Welsh language has the space to flourish.

For more information about hunaniaith’s work, contact the Unit:

  • Phone: (01286) 679452
  • Address: hunaniaith, Adran Strategol a Gwella, Cyngor Gwynedd, Pencadlys, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, LL55 1SH

More statistics about the state of the Welsh language in Gwynedd can be found in the Key statistics and data section, and language profiles for each of the county’s wards can also be found here.