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Welsh Language Promotion Plan for Gwynedd 2018-2023

In its October 4th, 2018 meeting, the Gwynedd full Council passed this Language Promotion Plan, as well as an initial work programme for the first stages of implementation.

The Plan is published as part of the requirements set out by the Welsh Language Standards (Section 44 Welsh Language Measure (Wales) 2011), which asks the Council to publish a 5 year strategy which explains how we intend to promote and facilitate the use of the Welsh language in the county.

The aim of this Plan, therefore, is to set out the strategic direction for the promotion of the Welsh language across the whole of Gwynedd over the next five years.  The Councils desire for the long term is to see the percentage of Welsh speakers in the county raise once again above the 70% mark, but it is important to acknowledge the various and numerous challenges that will be along the way to achieving that aim, and so this plan tries to set out a clear and achievable objective for the shorter term and sets out the current opportunities to promote and increase the use of the Welsh language across the county.  It reflects wider commitments made by the council in various fields, from education, planning, social services and care, to business and the early years, but it also emphasises that the Council will not be able to achieve this on their own, and that effective collaboration will be needed with bodies from the public, private and voluntary sector to achieve the aim.

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More statistics about the state of the Welsh language in Gwynedd can be found in the Key statistics and data section, and language profiles for each of the county’s wards can also be found here.