Unitary Development Plan and Supplementary Planning Guidance

The current adopted Development Plan for the Gwynedd Local Planning Authority Area is the Gwynedd Unitary Development Plan (UDP).

Following a lengthy preparation process, including a Public Inquiry and the publication of the Inspectors report (2007) Gwynedd Council formally adopted the UDP in July 2009.

The main objective of the UDP is to ensure sustainable development and to create favourable circumstances to protect, support and develop our communities – culturally, environmentally and economically.

View the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) document

It is possible to view the UDP document either:

  • Online: visit the Unitary Development Plan (UDP) website
  • Visit the main Council Offices at Caernarfon, Pwllheli and Dolgellau, or public libraries in Gwynedd.
  • Purchase a paper or a CD copy: Paper copy is £55 (price includes postage and packaging) and Compact Disk (CD) is £25 (price includes postage and packaging).

To receive a copy of the UDP, a cheque made payable to ‘Gwynedd Council’. View contact details. The address of the prospective recipient of the document should also be provided along with the cheque.

Supplementary Planning Guidance (adopted)

Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) has been produced to support policies in the Unitary Development Plan. They give further detail on some of the policies included within the Unitary Development Plan.