Gwynedd Council Plan 2017 - 18

Gwynedd Plan 2017-18 is the Council’s main plan.

The purpose of the plan is to set the Council’s vision and priorities for 2017/18 and describe what the Council is going to do to achieve these.  The Council’s Plan is a year’s extension of the Strategic Plan 2013-17, which bridges the period between the Strategic Plan 2013-17 and the new plan which will be prepared and approved by the Council elected in May 2017.

In order to continue to meet the needs of the Gwynedd people despite the fact that the finance available has significantly reduced we are working towards the vision of the well-being act, which supports our vision in the Council, which is:


'Putting the people of Gwynedd at the centre of everything we do'


The Well-being of Future Generations Act came into force in April 2016 and the Council Plan has been reviewed while examining the social, economic, environmental and cultural issues that are likely to influence the people of Gwynedd in the future.

The services provided by the Council achieve our well-being aims, which together meet the act’s well-being objectives.  The Council’s improvement plans also strengthen our ability to meet the well-being objectives, with our vision leading everything we do.

Here is an illustration of our improvement plans: illustration of improvement plans

Strategic Plan 2016/17

Strategic Plan 2015/16 

Strategic Plan 2014/15


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