Performance Management

The Council’s Performance Management Framework is a cycle which supports the planning, management and reporting on the performance of our services to ensure The Best for the people of Gwynedd today and tomorrow.

The Gwynedd Performance Report 2016-17 reports our performance against the Strategic Plan 2015-17 priorities while focusing on improving the outcomes in the lives of the people of Gwynedd. This is presented as a correct, balanced and fair representation of the performance of Gwynedd Council.

The report is based on the performance of some of the Council's services against our priorities, while visually focusing on the key matters:

In addition to this, the Council’s performance is also reported through a series of national measures:

All national data have been published on the following websites in a visual way;


For further information about the performance of our service, to submit further comments on our performance, or to receive a copy of the report in braille, large print, or on sound disc, please contact the Corporate Support Department via: