Storm Dennis - Refuse and Recycling collections Saturday 15 February

Date: 14/02/2020

With strong winds and heavy rain being forecast, here are some tips to help prevent litter and keep your community tidy during stormy weather conditions:

If your recycling containers are only half full and you can manage, please consider waiting until the following collection when the weather may be calmer to leave them out.

Put your waste and recycling containers out on the morning of collection, as close to, but no later than 6.00am and retrieve as soon as possible after collection.

Where possible place containers in a sheltered spot, for instance against a fence or wall to reduce exposure to the wind and 'box' lighter bags or containers in with heavier items.

Marking your house number or name on your reusable containers will make it easier for collection crews or neighbours to return them after collection.

Our crews will pick up materials they drop and may be able to pick up wind-blown items close to containers, but they cannot always pick up items that have blown long distances down the street. Please do all you can to help to avoid wind-blown waste and report any serious litter problems: