Gwynedd Sport for Life team joins Byw'n Iach

Date: 02/09/2021

Gwynedd Council's Sport for Life Team is transferring over to Byw’n Iach. Byw’n Iach is a not-for-profit company, which manages 12 Leisure Centres across the county on behalf of the Council.

The Sport for Life Team offers a wide range of sporting activities and services to local communities. As part of this transfer, a new and exciting Partnerships Unit will be established within the company which will develop new partnerships with clubs, schools and organizations in the county under the support of Byw’n Iach.

Many exciting and innovative projects are under way following the transfer. Amanda Davies, Managing Director of Byw’n Iach, said:

“Byw’n Iach is looking forward to embracing Sport For Life as a Partnership Unit and is keen to develop and build on what Byw’n Iach has to offer clubs, schools and communities already. We look forward to developing the opportunities and working together.”

Alun Jones, Sport for Life Programs Manager added:

“The Team looks forward to being part of Byw’n Iach and to being in a position to expand the provision the Team has been offering over the years. While many of our successful projects will continue to be offered including Genod Gwynedd, Clwb Dal i Fynd, INSPORT and various other competitions - this will be an opportunity to introduce a number of new schemes / projects - to target Gwynedd residents from all ages who are not currently taking part in regular physical activity. It is a great opportunity to expand the provision of Byw’n Iach sports and physical activities outside the walls of the County Leisure Centres.

Certainly, one of our main priorities will be to improve the relationship / communication system with the County's clubs - to widen the opportunities for participation, as well as to ensure that clubs are aware of all the support available to them to develop. This is an exciting time for the Team - with the pandemic having such an impact on participation levels in sport and physical activity for the majority of Gwynedd's residents - we look forward to welcoming everyone back to being active. ”

To complement the transfer and to strengthen their ability to reach different groups of the community, the company will build on its "Active for Life" Sub-brand targeting older people or those seeking opportunities for lower intensity exercise opportunities, with a series of new sub-brands. This will make it easier for people to find activities that interest them e.g. parents of babies and very young children, children and young people and girls and girls. The company is asking residents to look out for the new colourful logos.