A 'replica ' of London's most famous door has appeared in a rural area of Gwynedd

Date: 27/09/2019

The Rhif 10 - No. 10 door has been placed on the grounds of the Lloyd George Museum in the garden of Highgate, the cottage where Lloyd George was brought up. He is the only Welsh man with Welsh as his fist language ever to hold the office of UK prime minister.

The aim of the door is to highlight his extraordinary journey from a rural and very ordinary upbring-ing to a prolific political life in Westminster. The door, out of context, highlights the greatness of the achievement.

In the dramatic world of politics today the door Rhif 10 - No.10 is a platform for anyone to use - to sing a song, to share a political message, to open a discussion, to dream, to take a selfie or even to sit on its doorstep and eat pizza.

The door has its own presence on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram @Rhif10No10 #rhif10no10. The project is encouraging people to use it as a stage and share on digital platforms. Entry is free to the Highgate garden.

The installation is a part of ‘Gwreiddio Rooted’, an arts and heritage programme which aims to raise the profile of the Lloyd George Museum. Funded by the Friends of Lloyd George Museum.

Councillor Gareth Thomas, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Community said: “As the world has its sights on Westminster and Downing Street, it is very timely to have a replica of that famous number 10 door at Llanystumdwy.

“Whatever your political views, there is no doubt that David Lloyd George is one of the most in-fluential politicians of the past century. The Lloyd George Museum provides a fascinating insight into his roots in Llanystumdwy. If you haven’t been before, why not take this opportunity to see the No 10 replica door and visit the museum.”

The Lloyd George Museum is open daily until the end of September and Monday to Friday throughout October.

For more details about the museum, visit: www.gwynedd.llyw.cymru/museums

PHOTOGRAPHS: The Number 10 door in Llanystumdwy