CROSSINGS Exhibition and the Legend of Tresaith at Storiel

Date: 22/09/2017

This year has been designated ‘the year of legend’ by Visit Wales. Work by Adam Buick and others will be on-show at Storiel, Bangor, until 11 November 2017.

Adam Buick is a ceramicist and a conceptual artist. He also works with photography and film, and combines all of these elements in the CROSSINGS exhibition.

Part of the exhibition involves the legend of Tresaith. The story goes that a certain King of Ireland had seven beautiful but troublesome daughters. After losing patience with the princesses, he put them on a boat which drifted across the Irish Sea and landed on a beach in Cardigan Bay. They fell in love and married seven Welshmen. The village of Tresaith is named after this tale.

Adam has combined the theme of dangerous sea crossings and the legend of Tresaith by creating seven moon-jars that were launched from Ireland. Their voyage was tracked and charted in collaboration with the Computer Science Department of Aberystwyth University. Some landed on the Isle of Man, some beached as far as Scotland whilst others were claimed by the sea.

A film was made about the project, which can be seen alongside the surviving moon-jars and other fascinating items.

The exhibition also includes commissioned work by Marged Pendrell, Meri Wells and Val James.

Work will be on-show at Storiel until 11 November. Storiel is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 5pm.