Be wary of possible rogue traders

Date: 06/09/2017

Following reports of possible rogue traders operating in Gwynedd, the Council’s Trading Standards are advising local residents to be vigilant when dealing with traders who call at their homes offering to carry out remedial work on their property. 

The type of work being offered range from tarmacking, slab laying, drive and external wall cleaning. 

The Council’s Trading Standards are advising residents that employing the services of such traders may leave them with little or no redress in the event of the work being substandard. Additionally, the charges made for this often substandard work can be excessive, bordering on the extortionate. 

Residents are also advised that rogue traders will rarely provide paperwork which will make tracing the whereabouts of the traders very difficult. If anyone has any concerns regarding any rogue trading issues in Gwynedd, contact the Council’s  Trading Standards service by email on mailto:safmas@gwynedd.llyw.cymruor call the team on 01766 771000.

More information about Gwynedd Trading Standards is available here