Gwynedd's performance amongst the best in Wales

Date: 13/09/2016

Gwynedd’s performance amongst the best in Wales

 The latest annual report by the Welsh Government on local authorities’ performance confirms that Gwynedd continues to be among the best, and is fourth amongst all Welsh councils.  

 The Performance Bulletin for Local Authorities showed that Gwynedd is fourth amongst all authorities in Wales. The report shows that Gwynedd has performed higher than the national average in 55% (22) of the areas assessed in 2015/16, which is positive considering that Wales’s average has improved in 65% of all areas.

 In comparison with Gwynedd Council’s performance last year, the authority succeeded to improve or maintain the performance of 61% of the areas assessed. When comparing with the all-Wales performance, the authority succeeded in improving or maintaining performance above the Wales median in 74% of those areas.

 Gwynedd Council’s Leader, Councillor Dyfed Edwards said:

“It is pleasing to note that the Council’s performance has stayed firm over the past year, despite the current challenging economic circumstances.

 “This independent report is evidence of our success in delivering for Gwynedd residents and shows that we do everything possible to provide the best for the county’s residents despite the fact that budgets are the finances are diminishing.

 “As has been the case for many years, it’s pleasing to report that Gwynedd Council’s performance continues to be amongst the best in Wales. It clearly shows the dedication of our staff, councillors and partners in order to maintain services in the most challenging period in the authority’s history.”

 Council Chief Executive, Dilwyn Williams, added:

“The task of continuing to improve the performance of local services is challenging at the best of times. When considering this, the independent report confirms that our staff have succeeded in delivering a great deal in a period where our resources for accomplishing has reduced so much.

 “The coming years will see Gwynedd Council forced to face further efficiency savings, as well as cuts to some services. This national report shows that we are well placed to cope with the inevitable changes that will be introduced in the way that we deliver the services that are most important to Gwynedd’s citizens.”