John Meirion Morris Exhibition in Storiel

Date: 12/10/2017

 Without doubt John Meirion Morris is an important Welsh Sculptor … His work must be among the most challenging being created in Wales at the present time."

These are the words of Professor Peter Abbs, University of Sussex, whilst discussing the work of John Meirion Morris which is now on display at Storiel until January 2018.

Here is a golden opportunity to view the work of one Wales’ finest sculptors. The exhibition is called ‘Within,’ which is a reference to the source of inspiration behind the sculptures. According to John Meirion Morris himself, “The images appear in my mind in the early hours, usually between sleeping and waking. They originate from somewhere in the subconscious I would say.”

“They are internal visions, that is to say, I see things in my imagination. I usually feel some kind of presence that draws my attention in the image. Then, later, when considering the image in more detail, I feel that there is both an elevated and ignoble force associated with this presence. This feeling is an additional motivation to stimulate the process of starting to shape the image in clay.”

“Although the image captures my attention, I cannot explain exactly what that presence is. To a great extent, the whole thing is a mystery.”

He was a lecturer for almost thirty years in Wales, Liverpool and even as far away as Ghana. His experiences in different places have certainly influenced his work, combining African artistic elements with Celtic mythology to create unique and striking spiritual sculptures.

Prof. Derec Llwyd Morgan will be opening the exhibition on Saturday 14 October between 2.30-4.00pm. The sculptures will be on display from 14 October 2017 – 13 January 2018, Tuesday-Saturday, 11.00am-5.00pm.