Popular environmental roadshows return to Gwynedd schools

Date: 29/11/2018

Primary school pupils from across Gwynedd have had the opportunity to enjoy and learn about environmental matters as part of a roadshow lead by  popular entertainers ‘Gregory Brothers and Crew’.                                                                                                                                                       

Gwynedd Council’s Tidy Towns-funded shows are now in their fourth year of touring the county’s primary schools, and highlight issues such as littering, dog fouling and the need to reduce, reuse and recycle. The performances are light-hearted and entertaining with the brothers ably assisted by characters Tidy Ted and Eli Eco, together with popular puppets Sion and Sian. 

The roadshow visited Tywyn’s Ysgol Penybryn; Ysgol Glancegin and Ysgol Ein Harglwyddes in Bangor; Ysgol Maesincla, Ysgol Yr Hendre and Ysgol Pendalar in Caernarfon; Ysgol Sarn Bach; Ysgol Cymerau, Pwllheli and Ysgol Bro Lleu in Penygroes.

Councillor Gareth Wyn Griffith, Gwynedd Council’s Highways Cabinet Member, said: “It’s good to be able to welcome the brothers back to Gwynedd with their roadshow. The show is a fun-based event and the children show in their responses how much they enjoy, but evidently with the entertainment comes important educational messages on litter, dog fouling, and the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling.”

Jonathan Gwyn Neale, the Council’s Tidy Towns Officer, added: “From our point of view these shows are a valuable investment in community pride and environmental responsibility.The shows also give the children a rare opportunity to see a live performance from professional entertainers, with the panto and slapstick aspects particularly effective in engaging the children’s attention.”

Thomas, a year 6 pupil at Ysgol Glancegin who volunteered to take part in the show, said: “I was unsure of getting up on stage but I enjoyed it a lot! I have learned that there’s a special bin for your dog’s ‘oopsi’.”

Ellie, also a year 6 pupil at Ysgol Glancegin, added: “I really enjoyed the show! I also found out that that we need to share the messages at home to our families.”

Caernarfon’s Ysgol Pendalar Deputy Headteacher, Deiniol Harries said: “The show was great. The whole school enjoyed it and and we were all delighted. The pupils couldn’t believe a show like this could come to their school – to them it was just amazing.”

Menna Wynn-Pugh, Headteacher of Ysgol Penybryn, Tywyn, said: “The children and teachers really enjoyed the lively, fun-filled performance with plenty of movement and singing in the mix, which all conveyed important messages on recycling, re-using and protecting the environment. It was great to see our governors and Gwynedd Councillor joining us too.”

Adrian Gregory, on behalf of the brothers, said: “We’ve really enjoyed bringing the roadshow again to schools in Gwynedd.  The children were as enthusiastic as ever and responded well to the themes, which were delivered through songs and sketches with different characters highlighting key issues.

“Our aim is to provide an entertaining and fun-filled performance but with important educational messages within the content.”

The environmental roadshow was organised by Gwynedd Council’s Tidy Towns initiative which is funded by the Welsh Government. To find out more about Tidy Towns in Gwynedd, visit wwww.gwynedd.llyw.cymru/tidy towns or to contact the team e-mail tidytowns@gwynedd.llyw.cymru on call 01766 771000

1 - Ysgol Ein Harglwyddes (Ted Taclus)

2 - Ysgol Glancegin (gyda'r plant)

3 - Ysgol Pendalar

4 - Ysgol Tywyn (cynghorydd)

5 - Ysgol Tywyn (plant yn mwynhau)

 6 - Hendre (cynghorwyr)

7 - Hendre (plant)

 8 - Maesincla (cynghorwyr)

9 - Ysgol Cymerau


1 – Pupils from Ysgol ein Harglwyddes, Bangor with ‘Ted Taclus’.

2 – Some Ysgol Glancegin, Bangor pupils with the ‘Brodyr Gregory’, Jonathan Neale from Gwynedd Council and the characters Ted Taclus and Eli Eco.

3 -  Ysgol Pendalar pupils from Caernarfon with the ‘Brodyr Gregory’, Jonathan Neale from the Council’s Tidy Towns team, Councillor Ioan Thomas and the Ted Taclus and Eli Eco characters.

4 – Pupils from Ysgol Penybryn, Tywyn with the ‘Brodyr Gregory’ and Councillor Anne Lloyd-Jones.  

5 –Ysgol Penybryn pupils in Tywyn enjoying the show.

6 – Some pupils and staff from Ysgol yr Hendre, Caernarfon with the ‘Brodyr Gregory’, Jonathan Neale from Gwynedd Council, Councillor Roy Owen and the characters Ted Taclus and Eli Eco.

7 – Ysgol yr Hendre pupils enjoying the roadshow.

8 – Pupils from Caernarfon’s Ysgol Maesincla with the ‘Brodyr Gregory’, Councillor Jason Wayne Parry, Jonathan Neale from Gwynedd Council, Councillor Cemlyn Rees Williams and the Ted Taclus and Eli Eco characters.

9 – Pupils and staff from Ysgol Cymerau, Pwllheli taking part in the show with the ‘Brodyr Gregory’r and Ted Taclus character.