Vandals target country park in Gwynedd

Date: 02/11/2017

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Vandals have caused damage to a popular recreational site in Gwynedd.

On Halloween evening, 31 October, benches, signs and a fence were damaged in the Landing area of Parc Padarn, Llanberis.

The area, which is next to the children’s playground by Padarn Lake, is very popular with local people and tourists, and the damage done to the equipment could have a negative effect on people’s enjoyment of the park, especially over the busy half term period.

Gwynedd Council is responsible for Parc Padarn in Llanberis and staff will now assess the damage caused.

Barry Davies, Principal Maritime and Country Parks Officer, said: “It’s so sad to see damage like this and I’m sure people who use the play area or those who visit Parc Padarn to walk and enjoy the natural beauty will be very disappointed. Vandalism like this is costly for Gwynedd ratepayers as Council officers will have to spend time on the issue and we will have to pay to fix or restore the equipment.

“This does not reflect well on an area which has won the Green Flag award and has been the location for many nature programmes on television recently, especially during this busy period when local children are enjoying their half term holidays.

“We would appeal to those who committed these acts of vandalism to respect public property and to think about the effect it has on the local community.”

The incident has been reported to the Police. If anyone has any information regarding this incident, please contact the Police on 101 or the Gwynedd Council Rural Parks Unit on 01758 704066.

CAPTIONS: The damage in Parc Padarn.

NOTES: The Padarn Country Park is located within 800 acres of open land, which includes Padarn Lake and the nearby woodlands with numerous paths and cycle tracks. It is also an Area of Special Scientific Interest.