Matthew Wood exhibition in Storiel

Date: 29/11/2017
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The work of Matthew Wood will be displayed in Storiel until 13 January 2018.

Since 2004 Wood has focused on producing works on location. The ‘In the Moment’ exhibition is a collection of works which represent a variety of Welsh compositions, both familiar and new.

Matthew Wood said: “Working from primary observation I have developed a method and technique that is both expressive and direct. The challenge of creating a successful painting in sometimes adverse conditions – from rain and snow storm to darkened corridor or church – adds to the experience of the process of painting.

All works are produced on board, with the landscapes in oil and interiors in gouache. They are striking pieces of work, especially Wood’s treatment of both light and perspective.

He has been based in London and Brussels, but since 2004 has settled in mid-Wales with his family. In 2008 he was selected and his work exhibited in John Moores 25. His work has also been widely exhibited in Wales, including Ffin y Parc, Oriel Davies Gallery, MOMA Wales and the West Wales Art Centre. More recently he has been the artist in residence at Erddig Hall and Croft Castle.

The ‘In the Moment’ exhibition can be enjoyed at Storiel in Bangor until 13 January 2017 where all works are for sale. Storiel is open Tuesday-Saturday 11am to 5pm.