Caernarfon residents urged to report illegal fly-tippers

Date 29/11/2016

Councillor John Wynn Jones, Gwynedd Council’s Cabinet member for the Environment, Peter Simpson, Gwynedd’s Streetscene Manager and Caernarfon Town Councillor Maria Sarnacki inspect clearance work at Lôn Ysgol Rad, Caernarfon.

Caernarfon residents urged to report illegal fly-tippers

Residents are being urged to report fly-tipping incidents following a major clean-up of a site in Caernarfon.

 An area of land off Lôn Ysgol Rad, near the junction with Llanberis Road, has been plagued by fly-tipping problems. Following investigations by Street Enforcement Officers, Gwynedd Council have cleared large quantities of waste including a three piece suite, shopping trolleys, televisions and all manner of domestic items and rubbish.

 To make it more difficult for would be fly-tippers, the site entrance has been sealed off and warning signs have been put up. These signs give warning that the site is being monitored closely with CCTV cameras and that the maximum fine for fly-tipping can be up to £50,000, or even imprisonment.

 Japanese Knotweed, a non-native invasive species, was also found to be growing on a small part of the site was dealt with as part of the above Tidy Towns funded project.

 Councillor John Wynn Jones, Gwynedd Council’s Cabinet member for the Environment, said: “The mess made by the tiny minority who fly-tip adversely affects everyone’s quality of life. I am therefore very pleased that we have been able to restore the condition of this site.

 "As everyone knows, fly-tipping is a criminal offence and I sure that the community at large would agree that they have a role to play in informing the Council of those responsible.”

 Caernarfon Town Councillor, Maria Sarnacki added: “Local residents are extremely grateful and most relieved that this eyesore has been cleared. I will be asking them to be vigilant and report any further problems to Gwynedd Council’s Street Enforcement Team.”

 Steve Parkinson, Fly-tipping Action Wales’ North Wales Project Coordinator, added: "I am pleased that Gwynedd Council have taken this action. I would encourage everyone to use their local waste recycling facilities, which in this case are less than a mile away. They should also report any suspicious tipping activity tipping to Gwynedd Council."

 To report a fly-tipping incident in strictest confidence you may call Gwynedd Council’s Street Enforcement team on 01766 771000, e-mail, or contact the Council via “Report a Problem”.

 Tidy Towns is funded by a grant from the Welsh Government as part of the scheme with the aim of improving the quality of the local environment.