Thank you to Gwynedd businesses for contributing during Coronavirus

Date: 14/09/2020

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus emergency, there has been a strain on many families and individuals who have had to depend in the support of food banks.

As a result, this has meant that the food banks in Gwynedd have seen increased demand. To support these efforts, Gwynedd Council sent out a request to businesses and services that had to close during lockdown to donate their leftover food and supplies that wouldn’t be used to their local food banks.

This offered an opportunity for food stocks that would otherwise have been wasted to be put to good use and appreciated by people across the county.

A number of businesses and services responded, and provided invaluable contributions to the food banks. Thank you to the housing association Adra, Plas Menai National Water-sport Centre, and Gwynedd Council school staff, for distributing the supplies across the county in order to keep up with the increasing demands.

Councillor Gareth Thomas, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Economy said: “In such a difficult period for businesses, it’s heart-warming to see that so many of them have given their time to support people that have had a challenging time over the past few months.

“Indeed, the support seen within the communities is remarkable. I’d like to thank everyone that has contributed in any way during such a challenging time.”

In addition, many families and individuals have voluntarily contributed and the food banks would like to thank the businesses and individuals that have contributed over recent months.

Any member of the public can support their local food bank, with food bank baskets in a number of shops and supermarkets locally. Details of all Gwynedd food banks are available on