Gwynedd residents training to be a 'friend against scams'

Date: 23/05/2019

A joint venture between Gwynedd Council’s Trading Standards and North Wales Police is raising awareness about the underhand tactics used by scammers. 



As part of this project a training event was held recently held in Porthmadog, which provided training on how members of the public can become a ‘Friend against Scams’.  The knowledge gained from the training will enable those who attended to become a ‘Scam Marshal’ and empower them to identify the various types of scams and to offer advice and assistance to those in their community that were being targeted.



John Eden Jones, Gwynedd Council’s Public Protection Enforcement Officer said: “It was great to see so many people turning up to the event. I hope that they learnt a great deal and will be more wary in the future when it comes to various scams. The more people in Gwynedd that we can train to become a ‘friend against scams’ the better.”



Councillor Gareth Griffith, Gwynedd Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment who is responsible for trading standards matters added: “Scammers are relentless and will work tirelessly to find new ways to convince people to part with their money.


“I’d like to thank our Trading Standards service along with North Wales Police for raising awareness in the community about the various types of scams that are in operation, whilst continuing to do valuable work in protecting the people of Gwynedd.”



There were around 70 delegates in attendance representing a wide cross-section of bodies including: North Wales Police, Gwynedd Council Trading Standards,

Citizens Advice Bureaux, Older Peoples Council, the Gwynedd DementiaGo scheme, Ysbyty Gwynedd’s Memory Clinic, Care and Repair, Community Councillors, Age Cymru Gwynedd a Môn and Young Farmers.


For further information regarding scam awareness in Gwynedd, visit or for information on how to become a ‘friend against scams’, go to


PHOTOGRAPH: Wendy Owen from North Wales Police, John Eden Jones from Gwynedd Council Trading Standards, Julie Lipscomb from Friends against Scams, Sgt Emma Williams of North Wales Police and Councillor Gareth Griffith who is the Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Environment