European Parliamentary Election - 23 May

Date: 21/05/2019

This coming Thursday - 23 May - is the day when voters across Wales will take part in the European Parliamentary election.

Everyone who is registered to vote should have received a card giving details of the polling station where they can cast their vote. If you have not received one, then please contact Gwynedd’s Elections Team on 01286 679623.

What should you do on 23 May? Most people will be voting in person at a polling station. There are 136 stations in Gwynedd and they are open from 7am to 10pm on the day. When you arrive, you will be asked to confirm your name and address, and will then be given your ballot paper.

Voters will only have one vote to cast and there will be eight registered parties listed on the ballot paper. The candidates will be elected by proportional representation, so voters will not vote for individual candidates by name as is the case in many elections.

A voting mark should be in the form of a cross placed in the box adjacent to the party they wish to vote for. Voters should then place the marked paper in the ballot box.

Each of the 22 local authority areas in Wales will conduct their own counts on the evening of Sunday, 26 May. It is carried out on the Sunday because voting in parts of mainland Europe takes place on the Sunday itself.

When they have completed their counts, Local Returning Officers will inform the Regional Returning Officer for Wales (RRO) – based in Pembrokeshire County Council - of the result of the count in their area.

The result for the Wales electoral region will then be declared by the RRO. Local results cannot be announced before 10pm - the time that polls close in some parts of Europe.”

If you have not voted in person before why not visit the Electoral Commission’s website to find out more.