Community Clean-up Awards: And the Winner is…

Date: 14/05/2018

A Llanberis-based group of volunteers, who Gwynedd’s Tidy Towns helped get established, has been confirmed as overall winner of a country-wide ‘Cleaning-up your Community’ award. The on-line competition was run by Robert Scott Ltd, one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning y’s clean. products. 


The group in question is Pentref Taclus Llanberis Tidy Village and will receive a day’s cleaning support from the company and £500 worth of equipment.


Gwynedd Council’s Tidy Towns Officer, Jonathan Gwyn Neale, said: “It’s great to see a local group being recognised for their efforts.  This group has been active now for over a year and what’s been achieved is impressive. It’s not just litter, many other aspects of tidying up a community have been carried out, such as reporting fly-tips and improving refuse bins and street signage provision.”


Llanberis resident Patricia Pitts, who founded the group, said: “Local people have really bought into our village improvement project, which is great for our community pride here in Llanberis.  We go out litter-picking on a Sunday morning and we often spot other things that need attention, so we will let the council or local businesses know and in this way improve the whole look of our community.”


Councillor Gareth Griffiths, Gwynedd Council’s Highways and Municipal Cabinet Member, said: “Tidy Towns can only do so much to improve communities.  Its main success is achieved by enabling motivated individuals to act on their wish to make a difference. The success of Pentref Taclus Llanberis Tidy Village is a prime example of community pride and a local authority scheme working together to raise standards.”


Local councillor Kevin Morris Jones, who represents Llanberis on Gwynedd Council, said: “Well done to Pentref Taclus Llanberis Tidy Village for winning this national award. Llanberis has really benefitted from their efforts in a very short time and it’s great to see how our community pride and spirit here in Llanberis has shown itself to be in good shape.”


On behalf of the competition organisers, Gill Ireson said:  “The calibre of entries we received from our customers was truly outstanding. There were so many worthy projects, it made it a very difficult job for us, but Pentref Taclus Llanberis Tidy Village was chosen as the winning project because we felt it fully demonstrated the true meaning of a community clean-up.”


Those who discard litter in a public place are committing a crime. Anyone found guilty of littering in any public place could face a court summons and a fine of up to £2,500.


For more information about Gwynedd Council's Tidy Towns scheme or if you would like to start your own community group contact the team on 01766 771000 or send an e-mail to if you’d like to request a community pack.


Gwynedd’s Tidy Towns scheme is funded by a Welsh Government grant which aims to improve Wales’ local environment.


PHOTOGRAPH: The Pentref Taclus Llanberis Tidy Village group of volunteers recently won a ‘Cleaning-up your Community’ award