Gwynedd Community Chest Sports Fund

Date: 03/05/2017

Gwynedd Community Chest Sports Fund

Gwynedd Community Chest has allocated a total of £8,108.00 to 6 sports clubs in Gwynedd during the latest meeting in April 2017.

Gwynedd Community Chest Funds’ grants give support to various clubs and institutions that are related to sports and physical activity across the county. £76,500 has been allocated for projects within Gwynedd this year.

 The grant money that Gwynedd Community Chest allocates will help promote clubs and sports institutions and will provide better sporting opportunities for Gwynedd residents. There’s no need to be in a sports club to apply. Sports Halls or local committees can present an application if they would like to develop physical activity within their community.

Sioned Eirian Williams, Gwynedd Council’s Head of Economy and Community Department said:

“Gwynedd Community Chest’s purpose is to support and promote a range of various sports in every part of the county. As a Council, we identify the importance and the need for sports’ clubs and institutions within our communities, and it’s important that we give as much help as we can for them to succeed. It’s extremely encouraging that the Community Chest grants continue to be of help to numerous clubs and sports institutions in Gwynedd. 

“I would encourage any club or sports institutions in Gwynedd who believe that they’re qualified to receive financial support by Gwynedd Community Chest to present an application as soon as possible. A grant like this could secure development in these challenging financial times.”

During the Gwynedd Community Chest meeting in April 2017, grants were shared to numerous clubs including:

•           Bala Net-Ball Club to develop a new team of girls of 7-11 years as well as sending one person on a First Aid course, 2 people on an “Umpire” course and train one coach.

•           “Arfon Masters” Swimming Club. Establishing a special swimming club for local athletes who take part in a Triathalon to develop 20 swimming sessions and train one Swimming Coach ASA Level 1.

•           Nefyn Golf Club and District to develop a new team of girls age 7-11, buying golf equipment, and send 2 instructors on training courses, and marketing equipment.

•           Bala Canoe Club to offer opportunities to train around 15 children from ages 12-15 and order new Equipment.

•           Ardudwy Cycling Club to establish a new team of any age and send 4 trainers on MTKA/MBLA/Lefel 2 MTB courses and First Aid Course.

•           Meirioneth Sailing Club – order and upgrade safety Equipment. Send 2 people on boat safety and sailing courses to improve the instructors’ skills.

The next closing date for applications will be 14 June, 2017.

It’s possible to present applications online:

For more information or advice, get in touch with Gwynedd Chest by emailing: or phone 01286 679153