Maes G Walking Club

Date: 15/05/2017

Maes G Walking Club

The MaesG Walking Club will start at 22 May, 2017.

There will be two different walking clubs; one will be for health and wellbeing, while the other will be for walkers pushing a pram.

The Walking for Health group will start their walk from Ty Cegin at 11am, and will end up at MaesG Pop Up Café for a healthy lunch free of charge!

The second group, Walkers pushing a pram, will start at 1pm, and will start and end their walk at Café MaesG for a cup of tea and a healthy snack, free of charge.

If you’re interested in going for a walk and socialising, come along to MaesG Walking Club, everyone is welcome! For further information, please contact Eiriona: 07881848292.