Pop Up Peace Museum in Caernarfon – Calling for Volunteers

Date: 23/05/2017

Pop Up Peace Museum in Caernarfon – Calling for Volunteers

 Gwynedd Council, in partnership with Wales for Peace, Caernarfon Castle Museum and the Ysgwrn, are creating a pop up museum at Saint Mary’s Church, Caernarfon, in memory of the soldiers in the First World War and as part of the Armed Forces Day. We’re calling for volunteers to assist in the peace museum that will be open from 12 June to 18 June.

 The exhibition within the museum will include a replica of what’s been known as the Black Chair, which is an Eisteddfod Chair, which Hedd Wyn, the poet from Trawsfynydd, Gwynedd won during the First World War.

Hedd Wyn wrote an ode called “Yr Arwr” which means “The Hero” whilst a soldier in the First World War. He sent the ode to compete in the National Eisteddfod that was held at Birkenhead, 1917. Ellis Humphrey Evans, or Hedd Wyn, did not know that he had won, because he was killed in battle during the First World War, and became a symbol of losing the youth generation in Wales during the First World War. 

 When it was announced that Hedd Wyn had won the Chair, and that he was dead, the Chair was covered with a black curtain, and that is why it is known as the Black Chair.

There also will be sessions at the museum for primary schools within Arfon area and First World War actors will be performing to convey the life of a soldier.

 The Welsh Book of Remembrance will also be included in the exhibition. The Welsh Book of Remembrance records the 35,000 men and women who gave their lives in the First World War. Join us in ‘bringing back the book’ - transcribing their names for digital access of future generations.

 A short Opening Service will be held at Saint Mary’s Church, Caernarfon to open the Museum officially at 10:45 on Monday morning, 12 June. This will follow the Armed Forces Lifting the Banner seremony at Gwynedd Council’s headquarters, Stryd y Jel, Caernarfon at 10:00am.

 Also, at Saint Mary’s Church, 10:30am on Sunday 18 June, the Museum will be closed officially during the Caernarfon’s Maier’s Royal Town Council Civic Service.

 Volunteers will be needed to help with all these activities, therefore if you have an interest, get in touch through e-mailing: fionaowens@wcia.org.uk or phone 07498309779