Pont Sarn Glorian near Ceidio - working to re-open the road

Date: 16/03/2022
pont sarn glorian

Pont Sarn Glorian bridge near Ceidio in Pen Llŷn, is temporarily closed to vehicles and pedestrians because of damage to its foundations.

 The bridge, which dates back to the 18th century, connects the areas of Sarn Mellteyrn and Dinas with the A497 road.

 This significant damage was revealed during a recent inspection by Gwynedd Council engineers, as part of an additional scouring inspections.

 The inspection found damage caused by the effect of scouring under the foundations of the bridge where the flow of the river has affected the foundations over the years, as can occur on arch bridges of this type and age. It requires urgent attention.

 Council staff are working hard to re-open the road as soon as possible, but ensuring public safety is the priority. Rebuilding the foundations of the bridge may require more long-term work in the future, but the short-term goal is to re-open the road as soon as possible.

 In the meantime, we are grateful for the patience of local people and road users for following the alternative routes in the area.