Companies back Hwb Caernarfon Business Improvement District

Date: 12/03/2021
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Businesses in Caernarfon have backed a proposal to continue the Hwb Caernarfon Business Improvement District (BID) for a further 5 year term.

On 4 February 2021, Notices of Ballot were announced to hold a ballot of businesses in Caernarfon regarding the proposed continuation of the BID within the town. Businesses were asked to vote if they were in favour or against the BID.

During the ballot period, businesses received information regarding the BID offer and through the hard work of a group of local businesses and local volunteers, the proposal was promoted as a unique opportunity for Caernarfon.

The results show that 155 votes were received giving a 38% turnout. Of those who voted, 65% of the number voted in favour and 58% of the aggregate rateable value were also in favour of the BID.

As a result, the majority of the number of businesses and rateable value were in favour of the BID in Caernarfon. The ballot result was announced recently by Gwynedd Councils Returning Officer.

Following the positive result, the Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Community, Councillor Gareth Thomas said:

“I’m pleased that business in Caernarfon were able to use their ballots under such difficult circumstances. Our town centres are currently facing huge challenges, and we hope that the positive result for Hwb Caernarfon will provide additional opportunities to promote and bring investment to the town. We look forward to working closely with Hwb Caernarfon over the next 5 years”.

Further information about BIDs may be found here: