Request to start local discussions on opening a new primary school in Cricieth

Date: 27/03/2019

Gwynedd Council has secured an investment in principle, including a financial contribution from the Welsh Government, towards a project worth over £4.9 million to build a new primary school in Cricieth.

This follows condition surveys of the existing building which have identified a number of significant defects to the buildings of Ysgol Treferthyr that would need attention within the next five years.

Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Education, Councillor Gareth Thomas, said: “The condition of the Ysgol Treferthyr building has been of concern to the Council for a number of years. We are therefore very pleased to have been able to secure an investment in principle of over £4.9 million which would include a contribution from the Welsh Government towards building a new school.”

Following discussing the intention to build a new school in Cricieth, and the possible effect on Ysgol Llanystumdwy, the school governors have noted that they are eager to be part of the discussions.

Councillor Gareth Thomas added: “Obviously, it is early days, but we are pleased that we have held discussions with governors, staff and parents of Llanystumdwy, as well as representatives from the Diocese of Bangor, regarding any possible impact that building a new school in Cricieth could have on their school. We are therefore pleased to say that the school is eager to be part of a Local Review Panel as we consider the next steps.”

A report will be presented to Gwynedd Council's Cabinet on 2 April that will ask for the right to begin local discussions to identify options for building a new primary school in Cricieth that will include Ysgol Treferthyr and Llanystumdwy in the discussions.

If the Council's Cabinet supports the recommendation to begin local discussions with the two schools, a series of meetings will be held with representatives from Ysgol Treferthyr and Ysgol Llanystumdwy. These discussions will include discussing issues such as possible locations and needs of the new school, with the intention of identifying a preferred option that responds to the future education needs of the area.

Following completion of these local discussions, a report will be prepared for the Cabinet in due course to seek permission to proceed with any statutory process, as required.