Gwynedd supports north Wales learning disabilities strategy

Date: 13/03/2019





Gwynedd Council’s Cabinet has supported a regional learning disabilities strategy across north Wales that is based on the desires and choices of those people who receive care services.

The strategy which is relevant to the region’s children and adults highlights how health and care services across north Wales can work closely to promote independence and ensure that services are tailored to meet the needs of people with learning disabilities.

The regional strategy has been developed by the six county councils and the health sector along with input from people with learning disabilities and their cares, and focuses on ensuring that they:

  • Find a good place to live
  • Do something meaningful
  • Have friends, family, and relationships
  • Are safe
  • Are healthy
  • Get the right support.

 Councillor Dilwyn Morgan, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Children and Families said: “I am proud to see this work progressing. The regional strategy is based on collective work across the region from councils and the health sector but also vitally based on feedback from carers and people with learning disabilities. This also clearly links with our local priority of ensuring that care is based on the needs and desires of local people.

“We will now move to putting this strategy to work and ensure that people with learning disabilities have a better quality of life and live in communities where they feel safe and well and are fully appreciated and included.

“The innovative ‘Cegin Arfon’ project is a fine example of this vision in action. The project offers people with learning disabilities opportunities to gain work experience and training which equips them for work and essential life skills. Those who are part of the project have the opportunity to work in the cafe at the Arfon Leisure Centre which helps them to develop their self-confidence and allows them to make an invaluable contribution whilst they develop skills that will benefit the min their everyday lives.

“This is just one example of the wide-range of exciting projects happening across Gwynedd by the Council, health sector and other agencies which include Gwynedd’s innovative social enterprises.”

PHOTOGRAPHS: Cegin Arfon at the Arfon Leisure Centre offers training and work experience