A splash of colour in Penygroes

Date: 13/03/2019

Those of you who have visited Penygroes recently may have noticed the colourful pictures on some of the buildings there. They are the result of an exciting and popular project led by Gwynedd Council Youth Service in cooperation with the Unloved Heritage programme. 

The aim of the scheme was to include the young people of the area in creative leisure activities which would encourage participation, raise awareness of their history and heritage, and to introduce them to new skills and ideas, all whilst enjoying painting murals in graffiti style on the walls of buildings in Penygroes.

Barry Alan Williams from Gwynedd Council’s Youth Service, said: “The Youth Service has been busy providing activities for young people in Dyffryn Nantlle, and as part of the recent ‘Sblash’ activities, graffiti artist Andy Birch came to work with them.

“We had a fantastic two days of art activities where Andy worked with the young people to create striking interpretations of myths and local history on the village’s most significant buildings. The Unloved Heritage Group, led by Jade Owen which is a programme run by the Gwynedd Archaeological Trust that works with young people to increase their understanding of local history and culture, also played a part in the activities.”

Councillor Judith Humphreys, Penygroes, said: “The Dyffryn Nantlle Young People’s Activities Steering Group, which includes representatives from organizations and local establishments, provided assistance with the arrangements, with help and support also being provided by Antur Nantlle, Penygroes Library and Plas Silyn Leisure Centre by allowing the use of their walls for the art work.

“These wonderful artistic interpretations of myths and local history, which includes the story of Blodeuwedd and the rich history of Dyffryn Nantlle’s slate heritage, can now be seen on significant buildings in the village.”

PHOTOGRAPHS: A number of young people from Dyffryn Nantlle recemtly took part in the activities