Celebrating the interesting history of Ysgol Friars1557-2017

Date 31/03/2017
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Celebrating the interesting history of Ysgol Friars1557-2017

There’s an excellent exhibition on in Storiel, Bangor, to celebrate 460 years of establishing Ysgol Friars in 1557. The exhibition includes early history and photos of the schools as well as more recent history.

 The exhibition has reopened since 18 March and on show until 29 of April. Take a chance to have a look at the rich history that’s there.

 Ysgol Friars has a long and interesting history. The school’s story can be traced back to the Dominican Order friary in Hirael where the school was first established in 1557. This is where the name ‘Friars’ originated as well as the nickname given to the schools’ pupils - the ‘Dominicans’. There is an association of ex-pupils called the ‘Old Dominicans Association’. The Association has a thriving membership of past pupils from all corners of the world and now meet regularly to keep friendship bonds alive and to foster links with the present school and pupils.

 The society is an important source of information for anyone interested in the schools’ history; it has a substantial archive that is available to all members. This exhibition has been a joint effort between Storiel and the Old Dominicans’ Association.

Nêst Thomas, Manager of Museums and the Arts said:

“Our effort at Storiel is to continue to pride ourselves in creating innovative exhibitions that are relevant to the people of Gwynedd, and giving the community an opportunity to contribute their own memories. We look forward to see more members of the public coming through our doors to receive artistic experiences of heritage, for free in Gwynedd!”

Storiel is open between Tuesday- Saturday from 11am-5pm. More information available at: www.gwynedd.llyw.cymru/Museums and click on Storiel, or the latest information is also available to see on Storiel’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/StorielBangor

 You can find more information on the Old Dominicans Society by visiting www.olddominicans.org