Artistic impressions of the Mametz at Storiel

Date 06/03/2017

Artistic impressions of the Mametz at Storiel

A collection of impressions by the artist Aled Rhys Hughes is the latest exhibition held at Storiel which traces the remembrance of the artist’s sensory experiences during his time spent at Mametz Forest.

 The exhibition, originated by the National Library of Wales Aberystwyth, is a documentation of the findings in which inspired the artists by this important landscape in the history of Wales, whereby nearly 4,000 soldiers of the 38th Welsh Division were killed, wounded or declared missing during the Battle of Mametz on 10 July 1916.

 As well as reacting to his experiences through the medium of photography, the artist has also reacted directly to David Jones’ seminal and experimental work ‘In Parenthesis’ - an account of the writer’s own harrowing experiences in the battle. Aled Rhys Hughes’s main intention was to answer the question; does this landscape have a memory of what happened here one hundred years ago?

 Aled Rhys Hughes said: “This exhibition is a visual culmination of the seven years I have experienced being at Mametz Wood. In the annual July visits I tried to imbue my images with what I saw, felt and heard whilst walking through the dense undergrowth, the open central ride or the angular, shell laden remains of Strip trench. Some of the images were made as direct responses to words and phrases from In Parenthesis, others to named places, however they all pertain to deal with the notion of landscape and memory, the ever-enduring theme in my work.”

 The exhibition belongs to a series of events and exhibitions as part of the Wales Remembers programme, a reflection on the commemoration of the centenary of the First World War in Wales.    

 The exhibition is held at Storiel until 22 April. Storiel in Bangor is open Tuesday - Saturday from 11am-5pm.

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