North Wales Economic Ambition Board - Responding to Moving Wales Forward

Date 15/03/2017

Press release by North Wales Economic Ambition Board

Work with us to deliver Transport Vision, says Chair of the North Wales Economic Ambition Board, Councillor Dilwyn Roberts

“I welcome the Welsh Government’s statement “Moving North Wales Forward, Our Vision for North Wales and the North East Wales Metro” said Councillor Dilwyn Roberts, Chair of the North Wales Economic Ambition Board.

“The commitment in the Vison document to securing cultural benefits from transport is important to me personally. I want to see better transport links in North Wales so that our young people can remain living in the region; commuting easily to good jobs and not having to move out of North Wales to earn a living to the detriment to our language and culture.

“I have prioritised working in partnership with the Welsh Government to improve transport in North Wales. The Vision Document, “Moving North Wales Forward”, commits the Welsh Government to a suite of projects and investments previously identified by the North Wales Ambition Board and its partners as essential to maintaining and growing the economy of North Wales.

“The North Wales Growth Vision document published last year by the Ambition Board has clearly influenced the Welsh Government’s Transport Vision document. The adoption of the Ambition Board’s objectives by the Welsh Government places North Wales on an equal footing with the City Regions in South Wales for Welsh Government investment.

“The North Wales Economic Ambition Board has developed a range of partnerships, including the 6 local authorities, business representatives, the Mersey Dee Alliance and other cross border partners, to influence governments in Cardiff and Westminster. The Welsh Government Vision document demonstrates that the partnership approach is moving forward our transport priorities.

“I look forward to working with the Cabinet Secretary to help secure finance for the Vision’s investment programme and to ensure its delivery to agreed timescales.”

Councillor Samantha Dixon, Chair of the North Wales and Mersey Dee Rail Task Force said:

“I welcome the support of the Cabinet Secretary for the proposals of the Growth Track 360 rail investment campaign which are fully reflected in the Vision’s proposed rail improvement programme.

The rail proposals and the Metro concept are stronger for placing them in the wider context of North Wales’ rail connectivity with the Northern Powerhouse and the Mersey Dee cross border functional economy.”

Councillor Derek Butler, Chair of the Mersey Dee Alliance, said:

“The Vision Document is more credible and enhanced by the recognition of the Mersey Dee cross - border functional economy. There are thousands of commuters crossing the border every day

If we continue to work together, across boundaries, as councils, governments and communities, to articulate the transport investments that we need to make our shared economies grow, we will be successful and improve the quality of people’s lives.”