Encouraging people to enjoy the Gwynedd coast safely over the holiday period

Date: 04/05/2023

With several bank holidays during the month of May, and a large number of people taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy Gwynedd’s beaches and coast, Cyngor Gwynedd is encouraging everyone to do so safely and to take care.

In particular, there are calls for people to take care if they take their vehicles on beaches and to respect others and the environment.

Councillor Nia Jeffreys, Cyngor Gwynedd’s Cabinet Member for the Economy and Community, said:

"The shores of Gwynedd are famous for their beauty and wealth of nature, but it’s important that everyone who visits is aware of the dangers of the coast and treat the natural environment with respect.

"We remind people to plan their visit to the seaside by checking the weather forecast, being aware of the tides and to treat the sea with respect.

"Even though spring has arrived, the sea can be extremely cold so take care if you are considering going into the water and make sure you follow all the safety instructions. Do not risk bathing if you are not confident that you have the ability to return to shore safely and remember to tell someone where you are going. If you are sailing, then ensure that you have all the safety equipment in the boat and be considerate of others by complying with navigational rules."

Bryn Pritchard-Jones from Cyngor Gwynedd’s Maritime Service added: "Our message is for people to enjoy the beach safely and to treat the Gwynedd coast with respect.

"If you bring your car to the beach, remember to be responsible and think of others. Please be considerate when parking your car on roads near the beach and think, if there is an accident or someone is taken ill, will the emergency services be able to gain access? Similarly, if there is no space in the car park or the road, consider if you can visit another beach or attraction.

“There are some beaches in Gwynedd where driving a vehicle on the foreshore is permitted. We remind drivers to drive with the utmost care and attention and to adhere to the speed limit of 10 miles per hour while on the beach and to check local conditions to avoid the vehicle becoming stuck in soft sand or being washed away by the tide.”

Cyngor Gwynedd also reminds everyone to respect the environment and the community while enjoying the county’s seaside and countryside by disposing of your rubbish responsibly by either putting it in a public bin or taking it home. Throwing rubbish on the ground or not picking up your dog's mess is an offence and makes our communities untidy, can cause accidents to other people and is harmful to the environment.

There is information about visitor attractions in Gwynedd, how to plan your trip and much more on the Eryri Mountains and Coast website, go to: https://www.visitsnowdonia.info, with specific information about Gwynedd's beaches here: https://www.visitsnowdonia.info/beaches-and-coastline. Or follow the social media channels on www.facebook.com/ymweldageryri/ and twitter.com/visit_snowdonia