The second issue of the O Dan y Don magazine now available

Date: 30/06/2021

The coastline of the Pen Llŷn a’r Sarnau Special Area of ​​Conservation (SAC) is home to stunning wildlife, and is internationally recognised for the amazing species and habitats that inhabit the areas waters and coast.


Indeed, it may be hard to imagine some of the strange and beautiful creatures living in the sea around Pen Llŷn a’r Sarnau, therefore the Special Area of ​​Conservation has published a new issue of the magazine O Dan y Don to raise awareness and develop interest in some of the natural wonders of the site.


Alison Hargrave, SAC Officer, Gwynedd Council said ”The sea is a wonderful and mysterious place full of colourful and exciting plants and animals, existing often unbeknownst to us as humans. If we are very lucky, we might sometimes spot some of the area's magnificent wildlife such as dolphins, porpoises, or the iconic grey seal as we venture along the coastline. However, rarely do we get a chance to see and fully appreciate the magical underwater world that exists locally for us. ”


"With the Special Area of ​​Conservation stretching from Pen Llŷn down to about a mile north of Aberystwyth, the site has an extremely diverse seascape with magnificent beaches, large estuaries, unique reefs, and rocky caves, all of which provide a perfect home for a wide range of important species. ”


“And so the purpose of the O Dan y Don magazine is to bring the areas rich and diverse wildlife visible to everyone in a fully illustrated, colourful, educative and bilingual magazine."


The magazine also gives a taste of some of the important work that the SAC does in protecting the area's unique environment, whilst explaining how to get involved in the work the SAC does, and  advising people on how to enjoy the beautiful area in a responsible and sustainable way.


The latest issue of O Dan y Don is available to read free of charge digitally, it can also be found free of charge in print at various locations around Pen Llŷn a’r Sarnau SAC.


For a digital copy of O Dan y Don, click on the links below


English link: O Dan y Don

Welsh link: O Dan y Don