Mared's masterpiece tops Gwynedd lego competition

Date: 16/06/2020

Over the months of the lockdown, there have been many competitions and opportunities given to children and families to keep busy, amongst them one to create a lego scene by Gwynedd Council’s Library Service.


Before the Coronavirus pandemic, Gwynedd Libraries used to offer a lego club for children across the county. The Gwynedd Library Services hope to create an alternative way to be able to continue with the clubs in the future.


Despite the lockdown, Gwynedd Council saw an opportunity for the club members and beyond to continue with their lego building hobby and create their own masterpiece.


The winner was given a Lego Boost as a prize. Lego Boost is used at the Lego Clubs held at the Libraries that are specific for sculptural lego and to do some coding.


A total of 37 entries were received, all of them portraying a scene made of lego from a book, film or television show.


The winner was Mared from Rhostryfan who re-created the cover of the classic Welsh children’s book, Llyfr Mawr y Plant in lego form. Congratulations Mared - everyone was thrilled with the masterpiece!


The competition judges were Jamie Richardson and Derfel Owen, Lori Ni drivers that offer mobile Library Services for schools. Thanks to both of them for giving their time to judge all of these.


One of the sons of the Llyfr Mawr y Plant authors, Dr John Llywelyn Williams which is J.O Williams’ son, held a lecture on JO, JJ, J. Glyn, Jennie and Bob – a cultural friendship in Bethesda 1924-40. This lecture is in the Process of being developed to an e-book and put it on Gwynedd Library’s Borrowbox. Following seeing the picture on Facebook, Dr Williams has asked to use the picture of Mared’s masterpiece on the cover of the proposed e-book.


“I’d like to thank all of the competitors and their efforts. It was an honour to see all of these applications. Big congratulations to you Mared and we’re very pleased for you that Dr John Llywelyn Williams has chosen your creation as a cover for his book,” said Nia Gruffydd, Gwynedd Council Libraries Services Manager.


Congratulations again to you Mared, enjoy playing with your lego - da iawn chdi!


PHOTOGRAPH: Mared’s masterpiece recreates the cover of the classic children’s book, Llyfr Mawr y Plant