Commemorating the Treaty of Versailles at the Lloyd George Museum, Llanystumdwy

Date: 13/06/2019


gwerthu daffodils

On 28 June 2019 it will be one hundred years since the signing of the Treaty of Versailles which formally ended World War I.

Lloyd George was Prime Minister at the time, and the man from Llanystumdwy played a crucial role during the discussions which led to the signing of the peace treaty. To commemorate this historical event pupils from Ysgol Llanystumdwy will be running the Lloyd George Museum from 10.30am until 12pm and 1pm until 2pm on the day.

The Treaty of Versailles formally ended the state of war between Germany and the Allies when it was signed on 28 June 1919. To recognise this the pupils will welcome visitors to the Museum by showing them Lloyd George’s personal draft copy of the Treaty of Versailles, which is of course a significant historical document. They will also show the kind of experience Lloyd George would have had when he attended school in Llanystumdwy, along with showing people around Highgate – the home which Lloyd George grew up in.

The opportunity to work in the Museum is part of the Kids in Museums #TakeoverDay, which is a day where museums, galleries, historical houses, archives and heritage sites invite young people to take over the jobs of the adults.

Councillor Gareth Thomas, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Community, said: “It’s great that Ysgol Llanystumdwy pupils will have the opportunity to commemorate one hundred years since the Treaty was passed and to take an active role in the Museum on the day.

“The connection between Ysgol Llanystumdwy and the Museum is a close one, and it’s good to see that this continuing through events such as Takeover Day, which gives the pupils a sense of ownership over their local museum and heritage.

“All are welcome to visit the Lloyd George Museum on the day, and if you are a resident of Llanystumdwy – admission is free!”


1.) The wreath that was thrown into the carriage Lloyd George was travelling in after signing the Versailles Peace Treaty, along with the silver seal used by him at the signing of the Treaty.

2.) Ysgol Llanystumdwy pupils selling daffodils in the Museum in the spring.