The future of primary education provision in the Bangor area

Date: 25/06/2018

Following a statutory consultation held between 10 April and 22 May, Gwynedd Council's Cabinet will consider a report on 3 July 2018, regarding the future of primary education provision in the Bangor area which recommends investing £12.7 million in primary education in the city.


The report recommends that the Council proceeds with recommendations to build a new school for Ysgol y Garnedd, and to close Ysgol Babanod Coedmawr and Glanadda, offering places to the pupils at Ysgol y Garnedd (subject to parental choice). The development would mean increasing the capacity of the Garnedd to 420 pupils, in a brand new building on a site adjacent to the existing school.


Councillor Gareth Thomas, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Education said:


"I am grateful to everyone who has taken time to contribute to this statutory consultation. Before deciding on the final recommendation to be presented to Cabinet, the concerns and questions raised during the consultation were carefully addressed.


“Having taken into account all the comments that have been presented, we feel that the option that will be presented to Cabinet provides us with an exciting opportunity to develop a new first class primary building for this area of Bangor. The significant investment will mean that the pupils are taught in a modern building in keeping with today’s curriculum.


"Whilst accepting that any plan that considers closing sites is a difficult decision, I feel that the proposed option provides the best opportunity to improve primary education provision and offers an opportunity to strengthen the Welsh language provision in the city."


If the Cabinet decides to support the recommendation, the next key stage will be to publish the statutory notices regarding the proposal and to hold an objection period. Following the objection period, the matter will be presented to the Council’s Cabinet to confirm the proposal.


Gwynedd Council’s Cabinet will meet on Tuesday, 3 July to discuss the matter. The full report is available on the Council's website


Gwynedd Council has secured a £12.7 million investment to modernise primary education provision in the city of Bangor. This includes a contribution of £6.3 million from the Welsh Government to enable the Council to review and improve education provision. There is also a commitment from the Redrow housing development company, as part of an agreement for the new Goetre Uchaf development in Penrhosgarnedd.