Consulting on a code for displaying 'To-let' signs in Bangor

Date: 22/06/2018

Gwynedd Council is consulting on a voluntary code for landlords and property letting agents to follow on the display of ‘To let’ signs in Bangor.


Over recent years, the significant increase of ‘To let’ signs has expanded across the city and has been a cause for concern in terms of visual amenities.


As part of the work of dealing with the matter, Gwynedd Council has been working closely with landlords, letting agents and other organisations and recently there has been a significant reduction in the amount of signs displayed in Bangor.


In order to ensure that this trend continues, the Council is consulting on a new voluntary code which sets out specific criteria for the display of ‘To let’ boards. The restrictions being put forward include:


  • That only one ‘To let’ board be permitted per building, even if the building has been converted into flats etc;
  • That any board should be mounted flush to the wall above the building’s front door;
  • That no part of the board be permitted higher than the first floor window sill level;
  • Each board to have a White background and conform to the 34cm x 48cm dimensions;
  • One company logo permitted per board and that it should be no bigger than a third of the overall sign;
  • No more than one board per agent or company per street;
  • Boards to be removed within 14 days of granting tenancy;
  • Encourage all signs to be bilingual.


Councillor Dafydd Meurig, Deputy Leader and Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Environment said: “I'm very pleased to see this work of dealing with the high number of ‘To let’ signs that have been an issue in some areas of Bangor.


"I am aware that there has recently been a commitment from letting agents to deal with this matter. Indeed, most of the old types of signs that were a blight in the Bangor area have recently been removed, and the positive impact on the area is obvious to see. I would like to thank the landlords and agents that have already taken steps to deal with the issue.


"Local councillors in the city have been an important part of the discussions with landlords and have been concerned because of the adverse visual impact of these signs on residents living in the area. Until recently, some signs appeared as if they had been in place in areas of Bangor for some time and offered continuous free advertising for the letting firms.


"I feel that the criteria put forward are very reasonable and that these arrangements will improve the city's visual environment. I am also very pleased that we are using this opportunity to urge the letting companies to ensure that any sign they display should be bilingual and that there is due place for the Welsh language on any advertising they have.


"We therefore hope that we will be able to come to an agreement on this new code and implement a reasonable system that will improve the visual environment in the city without having to take more formal action."


The consultation period is open until 6 July. For any further details about the consultation, contact the Council’s Planning Department on or phone  01766 771000 noting that you wish to take part in the Bangor ‘To let’ sign consultation. 


Following the consultation, all feedback received will be considered in detail before a final voluntary code is implemented. 


PHOTOGRAPH: An example of correct use of the criteria highlighted in the code for landlords and property letting agents on the displaying of ‘To let’ signs in Bangor