Working together to help vulnerable people in their own homes

Date: 03/07/2020

Doctors at a surgery in Llŷn are working with a home care company so that vulnerable people can be assessed in their homes.


Due to additional pressure on community doctors and nurses as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, Gofal Seibiant came forward in the Nefyn area and offered their service. The company now works closely with the Doctor's GP surgery in the town to monitor elderly patients in the area and carry out regular health assessments.


By training their staff and giving their home carers extra skills, Gofal Seibiant can carry out simple tests on individuals and report back to the doctors. Staff take temperatures, test people's oxygen levels and blood pressure in their homes, and send the information back to the surgery.


Becki Drews, who is responsible for the Gofal Seibiant service in the Nefyn area, said: “Before the Covid crisis, 19 district nurses were doing this, or the doctors would have to come out. But with more pressure on them because of the virus it made a lot of sense for us as home carers to help out. As we work in the community anyway are used to visiting vulnerable people.”


Gofal Seibiant is part of a Gwynedd Council pilot scheme takes a new look at home care. Instead of working the usual way and offering individuals a set time slot, they can be much more flexible.


Becki added: “We don't follow a strict rota, so it's much easier for us to respond to the needs of people in the area. We are able to spend more time with people when needed, and less on other days. By getting to know people properly, we get to understand what is important to them and respond to that. ”


By working in this way, and having close contact with the local doctors as well as other professionals, it is possible for the staff to visit people on behalf of the surgery as part of their round. But Becki stresses that they will do simple tests, and by reporting back via video link or text message, the doctor can decide what action to take much sooner.


Dr Arfon Williams from Ty Doctor said: "It has made a huge difference to have a new member working as part of the team and it means we can provide more integrated social and health care in our community."


Councillor Dafydd Meurig, Gwynedd Council's Cabinet Member with responsibility for the Adults, Health and Well-being Department, said: “It is great to see everyone working together to ensure the best service for the people of Gwynedd. I'm pleased to see that services happy to use new technology and techniques, this is key to keeping everyone safe at this time. ”


Caption: Becki Drews of Gofal Seibiant and Doctor Arfon Williams at Tŷ Doctor, Nefyn.